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Weddings, Celebrations, Memorials, and Invocations officiated by Marilee Harrison, Humanist Celebrant

Marilee Harrison. Officiant for secular weddings, celebrations, memorials.Every life provides occasion for ceremony. Life cycle observances of marriage, welcoming, parting and death are milestones at which a Celebrant provides meaningful service.  As your officiant, I will talk with you about your history and your hopes. Together, we will design a personalized event with you in mind, reflective of your vision for your event.

Based in Kansas City, Marilee Harrison, Wedding Officiant and Secular CelebrantI provide ceremonies which serve our increasingly diverse society, and place the focus rightly on the individuals involved. Your ceremony is a visible reflection of your distinctive approach in life.  A humanist ceremony is uniquely able to honor all who gather with you to mark the moment, including those of differing cultures, traditional heritage or belief systems.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you—for making our special day that much more special!
We cannot think of a better way to celebrate our marriage. You were wonderful,
and what you are doing is so wonderful for all the couples you are helping to unite!”

A Humanist Celebrant serves the local community as a humanist leader and ceremony officiant. Certification as a Humanist Celebrant confers equivalency to ordained clergy, and privileges including solemnization of weddings. We can also be a resource when crises or needs arise in the community.

Humanism is a rational philosophy that affirms our ability and responsibility to lead meaningful, ethical lives capable of adding to the greater good. It is informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion.

Humanism affirms the dignity of each human being. Free of theism and other supernatural beliefs, goals are derived from human need and interest rather than from theological abstractions. As humanity must take responsibility for its own destiny, we are responsible for the creation of meaning. My aim is to provide meaningful, welcoming and inclusive services to the entire community.

With this conceptual framework in mind, I offer my services to those in search of a ceremonial officiant for weddings, celebrations, memorials and more. If you want to know more about my motivation to provide options for significant life events, read the journal entry, “Wedding Gifts.” Please feel free to contact me about how I might create meaningful ceremonies with you, and serve as your officiant. While I am based in Kansas City, I have many ties in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and also offer my services throughout the country.

Marilee Harrison. Officiant for secular weddings, celebrations, memorials.

“Marilee, you are the best. You turned our simple ceremony into a day that neither we, nor any of our friends and family who witnessed it will ever forget. You’ve touched our hearts. Thank you!”